Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Time!

Okay, so...yeah it's been forever so here is my update.

Let's start with January, mostly just 'cause I want to show off some pics. On my birthday my family got together to take some family pics! Here are some of our favorites!!!

This is one of my personal favorites with my cute niece walkin' away!

and this group is some of our individual shots, they were two cute to pass up posting ;)

My cute Mom and Dad and their Modern Family picture!
Big brother Stevie and little bro Stockton~~~Seth, Lindsay and Adalyn
Scott, Cassie and the little one on the way!!!~~~Me and Hubby!

We had A LOT of fun! And the pictures turned out great! Then we went to my parents house and had lunch and cake. Then, Tanner won some Auto Show tickets on the radio, so me and my mom and sister-in-laws decided to send the boys to that and us girls would have a day of shopping and Mimi's Cafe! Yum!

I was such an awesome day! I love my family! And we're a good looking group too;)

Well, I think I'm gonna do another post for the other updates, mostly crafts and venting so...stay tuned!


Megan and Taj said...

those look great!!! also... Scott and Cassie preggers! YAY! When is she due?!? Yay for babies!

Sharley said...

YUP! She is due August 22nd I believe, and we can't freaking wait!!!