Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter with Addy...

Now that my bro is home from China I have permission to blog about Easter. Well, two weeks ago while I was working at Edible Arrangements, I got a call from my brother from the airport on his way to China. He said he had a plan of action to surprise his girls on Easter Sunday (how stinking cute!)

He got the arrangement on the left, with two of the little bunnies pictured on the right.

So this was the plan, he ordered a cute little arrangement from Edible Arrangements with some super cute chocolate covered pineapple bunnies in it for Lindsay and Addy. Then he had me get some cute plastic eggs and fill them with gummies for Addy (of course as the favorite aunt I just had to go all out and got some other little surprises for the eggs). I was to hide the eggs all over the back yard, then deliver the arrangement to Lindsay at the front door and play a sweet little message that Seth left on my phone for them! So the plan was in motion!

Then I got a frantic message from Seth while he was between flights. He said Lindsay told him she will probably be heading to her parents on Saturday and spend the night there! He said to come up with a way to make her stay at least for Sacrament meeting so the surprise could be delivered early Sunday morning! He said if I could pull this off, I own it!

So know I had to come up with some reason for her NOT to go to her parents house! gah! Luckily I had some ammo, I was going to be leaving for Kansas Sunday afternoon. So I texted Lindsay and said, "Hey I'm leaving for Kansas on Sunday. Do you mind if I stop by to say goodbye to Addy on our way out of town?" She took a while to respond, I'm assuming trying to rearrange her plans a bit and then said she'd be going to her parents about 10, so come before then. Yup, I own it!

So Saturday night I brought the arrangement home. First think in the morning (8am, much to Tanner's we headed down to Lindsay's and started hiding eggs in the back yard. Then came the knock on the door...Lindsay was very excited to see the arrangement she thought was from me (hehehe) and let us inside to see Addy. Once they were together I said, "well, I have a little message on my phone for the two of you" Lindsay got a very confused look on her face, then when Sethies voice came on, both Lindsay and Addy got big smiles on there faces!

It was soooooo sweet! In the message Seth let them know he left a surprise for Addy in the back yard and to grab a basket. So we got our shoes on and off we went! Addy had a blast and she was sooooooooo good at finding and picking up the eggs herself!

I just love the way she keeps her pinky and ring finger up. Such a lady :)

That's only half the eggs!

Then she opened all the eggs! She was so excited! There were gummies, (which she popped in her mouth right away!) necklaces and bracelets, hair clips and some scruchy-bow things, and even some cute little rings that had bubbles in them!!!

Here she is with all her jewelry on :)

Oh my gosh it was so cute and I was so glad I got to help with it! I love my little niece more than anything and I miss her so much already!!! Love you Addy-chicken-patty!!!