Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In need of advice...

So...struggling with something here. Tanner is going out and selling for the summer in Kansas and Alabama. Should I stay or should I go?

I could stay here and work and go to school. For those who don't know, I am planning on starting at MATC to get a certificate in Medical Office Administration. Basically, I would be the receptionist at anything from a doctor's office to a hospital. I feel like that is right up my ally because I love office work, as I'd learned from being a Field Office Manager last summer. And I feel that being in the medical field there will always be jobs for me, great hours, and insurance is for sure. It's only a 10 month program and I can always finish faster than that because it's self paced.

I've also got two really good job prospects, I've interviewed for one and I'm waiting for a call on the other. But basically, I could stay, work, go and finish school, and that way when Tanner gets back from selling, I could support him through school. But the issue with this plan is that it will make Tanner and I be separate for the whole summer, which will suck! And I get pretty nervous in my apartment by myself, so I might need a roomie.

So, the other option is to go out and be with him and be the office manager and be with Tanner, which will be great for the summer, but then we will be in the same rut as we were last year upon coming home from selling. What I mean by this is that we will be jobless upon return and if this next return is anything like the last, it will be wicked hard to find a job again. Seriously, I haven't had a real job since we got back and it's been SUCH a struggle! I worked a few weeks and Macy's only to be let go because it was just for the Christmas season. Then I work for a few weeks as a Dish Network saleswoman, but that didn't work out. Then I worked 5 days at Edible Arrangements for the Valentine's Day rush. We just can't afford for this to happen again, especially if we are both going to be in school in the Fall.

That's the other hang up, I could be done with school by January or even by the end of summer, but if I go, I'll be putting that off till after the summer, pushing my graduation at most to next July, thus putting Tanner's school off another semester or two. I really just want us to hurry and get done with school so we can get our lives started you know, like getting into real jobs and starting a family and all. Ugh!

So I could stay and be super depressed about being without my hubby or I could go and be stressed about school, jobs, money, our futures, etc. I just don't know what to do!!! I need advice! Please!

Some Projects...

Okay, I've only done a couple projects the past month or two. So here they are!

This is a $10 writing desk that we got at DI. Here it is before:

And after:

Now it is my wonderful vanity! Didn't do anything too special, but I love it!

Next is a cute project I made for my besties little girl. We found the tutorial a Danny Sao's blog:

It's just a bird house, modge podge, and a golden book! Love it! However, I have a lot more books and no more bird houses and I can't find any good cheap ones :( So keep your eyes peale, and if you happen to see any let me know!

Family Time!

Okay, so...yeah it's been forever so here is my update.

Let's start with January, mostly just 'cause I want to show off some pics. On my birthday my family got together to take some family pics! Here are some of our favorites!!!

This is one of my personal favorites with my cute niece walkin' away!

and this group is some of our individual shots, they were two cute to pass up posting ;)

My cute Mom and Dad and their Modern Family picture!
Big brother Stevie and little bro Stockton~~~Seth, Lindsay and Adalyn
Scott, Cassie and the little one on the way!!!~~~Me and Hubby!

We had A LOT of fun! And the pictures turned out great! Then we went to my parents house and had lunch and cake. Then, Tanner won some Auto Show tickets on the radio, so me and my mom and sister-in-laws decided to send the boys to that and us girls would have a day of shopping and Mimi's Cafe! Yum!

I was such an awesome day! I love my family! And we're a good looking group too;)

Well, I think I'm gonna do another post for the other updates, mostly crafts and venting so...stay tuned!