Sunday, October 2, 2011

Too long...

Okay, my apologies, it's been waaaaaayyyy too long since my last blog post. So here's the run down.

Tanner and I are in school! Yup! My wonderful husband gave in and he is now a student at UVU. He'll be majoring in Information Technology (IT). He hasn't missed a day of class and has been working sooooooo hard. I'm so extremely proud of him for taking this step!

I'm going to MATC to get a certificate in Medical Office Administration. It's a lot of fun and I'm enjoying having something to do!

As far as work....remember last year when I blogged about the struggles of finding a job? Well, it's been no different this year. Seriously, I applied for at LEAST 25 jobs. I got 3 interviews out of those 25 applications (2 of which I either called and asked for, or walked into the building and asked for. The other one they called for an interview 3 weeks after I'd even applied!!!) Out of those 3 interviews I got 1 job offer after literally begging for the job and selling myself like crazy!!!

As for Tanner, well he's applied for probably 15 jobs, gotten maybe 5 interviews, got 2 job offers that were then rescinded when the real hiring person finally showed up (the day's Tanner went in for what he was told would be his "first day") and said his schedule wouldn't work! Seriously?! I don't understand these places anymore. First of all, you can't apply anywhere in person. Then when you try to call after applying online, no one will connect you to the department you applied for because, "they'll look through the applications and let you know." Or they say, "Oh, we're not sure when we want to fill that position, probably in a few weeks." THEN WHY POST IT IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HIRE SOMEONE WHO IS TAKING INITIATIVE AND IS READY TO START TODAY!!!!

So...Tanner is still looking for work, if you know of anyplace or have an in, let us know. I didn't want him to work while he's in school...but...we need it.

Oh yeah, so my job I finally got is at Hobby Lobby!!! Yup, it's awesome, and I'm trying really hard to keep myself from spending my hard earned money on all the cute stuff there! I was really excited for it, but's tough. I thought it was going to be this great thing where everyone who works there loves crafts, is happy to work at such a cool place, and they all get to bounce ideas off each other and the customers. Well, from day one, all I've heard is complaints. I'm trying so hard to remain positive, but it's hard when you know the value of work, you know there are people out there who are struggling to find work like I did, and then you are surrounded by people who hate their job, the customers, and their's hard to be positive in the midst of all that. As well, a lot of people have been saying negative things about the church...and that kind of broke me last night.

On my way to work yesterday, Tanner called me and said, "turn to AM1160, the prophet is speaking". I flipped it on just in time to hear him begin. As he started talking about temple work, my eyes started to get moist. Tanner and I are almost there!!! We've been working so hard and we're so close!!! Then Pres. Monson announced the Provo tabernacle (literally half a block from our apartment) will be Provo's second temple...I lost it. I was so overjoyed! I'm going to live next door to a Temple!!! I will be 30 seconds away from a House of the Lord! I will be able to witness the groundbreaking, the building, the placing of the angel Moroni, and the dedication of this great building from my sidewalk!!! I could hardly contain myself, and I had to clock in for work!!!

I wanted to run in and tell everyone about it, but I didn't really feel like I could. From what I understand, the majority of the people I work with are not LDS and they don't like to hear about it. That was kind of the theme of the day. I entered work with a spiritual high, and throughout the course of the day, all I heard was the general complaints...then the complaints later, at the end of the night when the customers were high and mighty the mormons are, how after all major mormon events the store is a mess, because "all those women come out of their meetings and think they are better than everyone else, and their not!" My heart sunk, and I was so discouraged.

I drove up to my parents house bawling the whole way. Tanner had gone to Priesthood session with my dad, and we were spending the night. Tanner and I talked about it when I got home. I guess a lot of Saturday's talks (which I missed for work) were about standing up for the church. I know I should have, but I didn't know what to say. He also said that Satan is using other people to discourage us. He's right and it's so unfair. When we walked in my parents house they knew what was up. But they quickly helped me feel better. After one of the talks this morning, my dad paused the TV and gave us some more advise. Satan knows he's losing his grip on us. He knows how close were are to going to the temple. He is pulling out everything he can to discourage us and hurt us. He won't win, he knows that and Tanner and I know that, but he definitely wants to make it as hard as he can on us.

My heart is so full. I'm so grateful for my life. I've gone through some really bad stuff, but with the help of my family, my AMAZING husband, and this amazing Gospel I've been lucky enough to be born into...I'm rising above it. I'm going to be ok, my husband and I will be ok. I can't believe I was born into the true church. I know exactly where I'd be without it, and I am so lucky and so blessed to not have to be there. I know this church is true, I know the gospel is true, I know we have a living prophet, I know Jesus Christ atoned for me, I know my Father in heaven knows me, is aware of me, and loves me. I know my husband and I are going to be sealed for eternity and if we keep up the work we've been doing, we'll have full and plentiful lives.

Today is our 2nd anniversary! It's been a roller coaster, but we've grown so much. I love Tanner more that anything! He is so loving and forgiving. Love you Tanner! Can't wait for this next chapter in our lives!!!!

******UPDATE!!!! Just today Tanner got a job offer!!! It's just the one he wanted to. He found this place, Heritage, on craigslist and the hours were literally molded around his class schedule (sign?) He's had several interviews with them and was told they normally hire from within, so at best he'd probably get an on call position. But after a couple hours of phone tag this morning, he was offered the full-time position!!!

He will be working as a counselor for struggling youth! cool right? And extra bonus besides the full time hours. Full benefits starting right away (which we are desperate for insurance as we believe but haven't been able to confirm that Tanner has Celiac's disease) and he gets fed there! Can you say, "cheaper grocery bill?!" woot woot!

Once again, I feel so extremely blessed and that my Father in heaven is personally aware of me. I feel him putting his arm around me and saying, "you're going to be okay, you're doing good, here is how I'm going to help you."

Thank you for everyone's care and concern and support of us. Thank you for your prayers and listening ears!