Friday, November 19, 2010


Okay, like I are my projects.

First up, our entertainment center! We found this at a garage sale for 20 bucks! It was super dirty and had some water damage, but we just cleaned it, sanded down the chipped parts and did a dark stain. We probably could have gotten it free, this guy was practically giving away all this stuff. Oh and it has a touch light that has 3 brightnesses! We'd already had the white thing under it, but this thing was way to heavy for just that to hold, so we found the side cupboard things at target.

Next, another wicked awesome yard sale find...our $30 shadow box sofa table!

I've got all my wedding stuff in it. The ring pillow and flower basket. My signing book. The sugar flowers from my wedding cake. Some fabric we'd used, pearls, and pics of me and my mom and me and my dad! love it! oh, and one of the KAZOO's!

Alright onto my headboard and poster board. We got these four giant squares from my sister-in-laws parents. The colors didn't match our decor, so I covered them. 3 of them were just right to make us a headboard, and the extra one, now I've got a sweet post-it board!

Next, I made a cute calendar to track our progress to the temple! I'd love to say I made the whole calendar, but no, I bought the thing. However, with some magnet sheets and dots, cute paper, and glue, I made the months and numbers!

And last, but most definitely not least, our furniture! Unfortunately and stupidly, I didn't take before pictures, but lets just say it was all ugly scratched up wood. We found these pieces on KSL and got all of them for $300 bucks! (We probably could have gotten them for way cheaper, dumb us.) Anywho, my wonderful husband did all the sanding! I did the priming and painting, and we both stained till the cows came home! I LOVE how it turned out!!!!

I still need to do the mirror. I'm going to do it the gray like all the rest of the furniture, but...I've been lazy. And it's gonna storm this weekend, soo...we'll see when that gets done!

So funny you see, I've decorated with all the stuff I had from my wedding. When tanner came home after I did that, he said, "'s all...shabby chic'ed". I know he meant it in a "this-isn't-the-kind-of-room-a-man-is-supposed-to-sleep-in" kind of way, but honestly, I was just so dang proud of him for knowing the term "shabby chic" and what it looks like!!!

Well, that's it for now. I've got a couple other things to get re-finished, so I'll attempt to update when I get them done! Thanks for visiting! (leave me comments if you have any ideas, suggestions, or just plain ole' compliments! tehe)


Lindsay G said...

You forgot to say how your awesome SIL inspired you! bwahaha... You can't give me a hard time for not updating my blog anymore, because now you know how hard and time consuming it can be! :)

Tanner and Sharley Danis said...

bahahaha, i know i know. Yes I totally forgot to write that this was all YOUR fault. And yes it is time consuming, but seeing as how I don't have a job or a kid, this and reading others blogs is all I have to do:(

Chris, Jessica & Kael said...

I love the bedroom set! SO CUTE now .. you want to come decorate my house I haven't a decorative/creative bone in my body! LOL But in all seriousness everything looks amazing!

Chris, Jessica & Kael said...

I just saw your comment on my blog! To get the cute fonts I ran across a blog while I was putting together some books and loved their fonts so I use them often. They put up this tutorial on how to do it and where to put it in the htlm coding. Its pretty easy everything else I just put together in photoshop and upload.

Sav Gardiner said...

holy crap! that all turned out SO dang cute!!!!!