Thursday, November 18, 2010

I SUCK at this blogging thing...

Yeah, so much for being a blogger. Well here is an update. We never ended up in Canada as my last posted stated. We stayed in North Dakota for a month and we were never able to get in, so we decided to head down to Louisiana. While waiting for our licensing to process we stayed in Nebraska for two weeks and then spent the rest of the summer in Louisiana. It was an adventure, but I'm so glad to be home.

We no longer have the miniature apartment, which I so wanted to blog about, oh well. But we now have a nice spacious two bedroom apartment in Provo. I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating it and doing tons of projects! (pictures to come, I'm very proud of how things have turned out.)

Tanner is still working for Pinnacle doing inside sales and I am...sniff sniff...unemployed! Yes, for the first time in 3 years I cannot get hired to save my life!!! This is driving me crazy! I am putting in applications everyday, and it seems like I've missed all the opportunities by one freaking applicant!!!

So, that really sucks and is seriously damaging my self-esteem, but the one good thing that's come of this experience is that I've gotten serious about school again! I've been missing it soooo much and I've realized that I need a degree or experience to get any of these good jobs. And seeing as how no one will hire without experience, thus I cannot gain experience, I need to seek education.

I'm starting school at Ameritech College in January. It's a 10 month program to be a Healthcare Office Specialist. Those of you who know me well know that I've always been interested in the medical field and after being an office manager this summer I've learned I love secretarial/receptionist work, so this will be the best of both worlds!!!

I'm super stoked! (and my mom even said she's so proud of me she could puke! wierd, but it made my day). I'm still looking for work, so if you know of anything please let me know! (especially if it has benefits!)

I'll update again on my projects. Seeing has how I have no job, I figure I can devote a little more attention to my blog.

Peace out for now!

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Chris, Jessica & Kael said...

Yay! you have a blog too! I hope you don't mind I kind of stalked you over here from facebook... Okay that may have come across a little creepy lol! I love blogs kind of a freak about them! I have one too if you are interested It is private though so I would need your email!... it is kind of boring all you will find is little man and my dogs and an occasional rant or two! I don't put anything on facebook I am paranoid I guess. Oh and I heard that Convergys is hiring... HAHAHAHAHAHA please don't go back there! DON'T DO IT! It sounds like you have a fun summer though! Escaping the grasps of Utah even if it was for a short while! Oh and Good luck with school!