Saturday, November 27, 2010

Annual Gingerbread House Building...

Tanner's family has started a tradition of doing Gingerbread houses each year after Thanksgiving dinner. Tanner and I love this! We go all out planning ahead and try to find some new and unique candy interpretations.

Here are our previous years...

First Year

This is when we were just dating, I was going to the U and Tanner loved BYU, so we did red and blue lights in honor of our teams.

Second Year

First year married, this house is a replica of the little hovel we were living in our first several months in PG. This house took us 8 hours! These pictures do not do it justice, but this thing was massive and super detailed.

Third Year

An igloo!!! Tanner loves Alaska and worked there for a short time this year, so we did an Eskimo winter scene. The best part is all the details...

The Eskimos catching and cooking their meals.

The inside scene before we built up the walls.

You can look in on the scene from the front entry or the peep hole on the top!

The crafty part on this one that i want to claim is the lights. Instead of just M&M's like we normally do, I saw some chocolate covered sunflower seeds when I was with my mom and I just knew that would be the perfect shape for our lights!

We enjoy making these. We wanted to try and preserve all of them...but we have no place to store them, so Tanner likes to just destroy them...

The end, can't wait for next year!


-nick and whitley- said...

bah hahaha!! the crushing of the "our first home" gingerbread house BREAKS MY HEART!!!! ahhh... I hate it! haha, I LOVED that beautiful thing!!

Tanner and Sharley Danis said...

I know right! It was beautiful! And it smashed in a zillion pieces...whahhhhh!

Shayla said...

That advent calendar is sooooo cute! I think you guys will have us for christmas next year...I think I want one! :)

I loved your "first home" the best I think. Man, Tanner, you are such a BOY! ;)

Tanner and Sharley Danis said...

lol, okay, sounds good. i'll start saving up boxes for it.

yep, that was definitely the most detailed house we've made! When we actually get into a real home, oh man, that ginger bread house will be insane!

Tanner and Sharley Danis said...

oh wait, i think we ave rachelle next year. oh well, gives me 2 years to work on your calendar. lol

Cami Reschke said... put all my gingerbread houses to shame, and I thought I was pretty good. I found your blog off of Kristina's. I hope it's okay that I snooped! I'm glad life is so great!